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We were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. No trust fund or anything like that.

Nor were we systematically trained in personal finance. I suspect our parents assumed we’d “catch” the wisdom they’d learned from their “school of hard knocks.”

Instead, we had to learn from that slave master, the “school of hard knocks,” ourselves.

We say it’s time to break that pattern!

That’s why we created this website… to spare you, our readers, from having to go through your own school of hard knocks. Enabling you to achieve your goals faster than we did, get your dream life on sooner, and enjoy the people you love.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision



Smart money management is key to fulfilling your dreams. Unfortunately, this is not something you’ll learn in school.

Our mission is to spare you many of the stupid financial mistakes we made and empower you with financial knowledge… so you can retire early (if you want to) with the lifestyle you desire and the freedom you crave.​


Our vision is to see you be a wildly successful personal money manager and achieve your lifestyle goals. Even if you’re starting out deeply in debt. And even if you don’t have a “CPA” behind your name.


We believe that anyone can learn the principles of wise money management with a little bit of effort over a period of time. You can learn to “make your wallet wise.” And that’s the ticket you need to throw off the bonds of money slavery and live the life of freedom you yearn for. That’s what drives us to provide valuable money tips and strategies.

“Carol has learned financial truth from the ‘school of hard knocks.’ Her unique way of expressing fundamental financial principles are things we can all bank on. No glitz, no glamour. Simple ideas, but sometimes it takes courage to implement. Go out and be courageous today and change your world!”
Tom Lampert

Certified Financial Planner, Brighton, Michigan

Our Approach

We offer you our best personal finance strategies and tips for a successful life across a number of areas – credit and loans, debt, savings, investing, insurance and career.

Much of this intel was gathered through the “school of hard knocks.” Some was gleaned through professional experience in entrepreneurship, insurance, and real estate.

From time to time we may offer premium products, but most of the info is free to you.

Products featured on our pages are from partners who compensate us at no extra cost to you when you buy. This does not influence our opinion of these products. Our marketing partners do not review, approve, or endorse our editorial content. All our opinions remain our own.


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