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When acted on, side hustle ideas can help you repay debt, add to your financial stability, and build your wealth. Here are the new trends for side hustles in 2021. Which one is the right one for you to jump on?

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What side hustle jobs or entrepreneur opportunities are you thinking about? Now is the time!

Side Hustles Ideas Perfect for 2021

People need side hustles ideas now more than ever. Being an entrepreneur has never been for the faint of heart. Heck, being alive has never been for the faint of heart, only half kidding. That’s infinitely more true today. With the virus, our world became shifting sand under our feet.

As we try to regain our balance amid this shattering pandemic that’s changed everything – and look for opportunities to not only survive but thrive – we need to seize side hustles ideas that exist right in front of our nose.

Whether it’s side hustles to pay off debt, side hustles to make money fast, or for any other reason, look toward one of these side hustles in 2021. It could become a full-blown business or remain a side hustle job to survive a job loss, to pay down debt, or build an extra layer of financial security.

Opportunity-spotting may be one of the best survival skills you could develop in 2021. It’s also a must-have entrepreneurial skill.

During the shutdowns we saw the rise of these side hustle ideas and entrepreneurial trends:

  • Mask makers using Etsy and other selling platforms
  • Telemedicine
  • Independent grocers
  • Liquor and wine stores (reported “mass hysteria” buying)
  • Coffee subscription companies
  • Canned and jarred goods companies
  • Bread baking companies
  • Gardening suppliers
  • Home fitness equipment
  • Games and puzzles
  • Drive-in movie theatres
  • Grocery delivery

You don’t need to be in one of these industries to thrive. You just need to look for ways to adapt and pivot to the new realities of life. But certainly following existing trends is an easy way to flow downstream instead of swimming upstream.

10 Pandemic-Inspired Business Trends and Side Hustle Ideas for 2021

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says these pandemic-inspired business trends are here to stay. All of them were propelled forward during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re interested in being a full-fledged entrepreneur or are more comfortable in a side hustle role, you can tap into this “new normal.” It’ll likely continue to affect every industry even after COVID-19 becomes a distant memory in the rear-view mirror.

1. Cashless and contactless commerce

Many chains and independent restaurants switched to cashless payments as concerns about handling cash rose. Some stores added contact-free pickup and delivery as well. This level of convenience and safety is sure to remain popular as a way to leverage time, if nothing else. That makes capitalizing on cashless commerce one of the leading side hustles ideas of 2021.

2. Delivery

When people were locked down, companies of all sizes and shapes hired extra delivery workers in an effort to make shopping safe and simple. This included retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, and thousands of extra Amazon delivery people. It also moved to car shopping, RV shopping, and even custom-made cocktails (with your food delivery). Again, it’s a great time-saver. What side hustle ideas could make use of delivery services?

3. E-commerce

E-commerce has been a rising star for years. But the pandemic put it on steroids. Not only were stores shut down as “non-essential,” but many people felt uncomfortable going into crowded stores. E-commerce now included small local shops in addition to Amazon and Wal-Mart. This new “convenience” factor is likely to continue and could be the basis of side hustles in 2021.

4. Robotics

The invasion of robots to the marketplace was inevitable before the pandemic. COVID-19 just pushed it into overdrive. After all, robots can’t get sick. They can help fill in for sick workers. Robots can also clean and disinfect without personal risk, and drones can deliver light packages. All signs say that this is just scratching the surface of where things will go in the next few years.

5. Sanitation

Pristinely clean businesses have always been appealing. But now that coronavirus has entered our world, sanitation will be even more of a thing. Hospitality and travel industries will continue to see immense pressure to deliver a “beyond clean” experience. It may be the only way the hospitality industry comes back. Could you provide high-end cleaning and sanitation as a side hustle?

6. Local shopping and sourcing

Now that we can see clearly what happens when we’re heavily reliant on one country to supply all our products and parts, people have started to wake up and worry about this model.

For a long while you could hardly buy a deep freezer anywhere in the U.S. Even the companies producing them couldn’t say if or when they’ll have inventory again. That’s just as true for the companies that say they’re designed and assembled in the U.S., as it is for those that are fully made in China.

And that’s just one product. We also saw shortages of clothes dryers, toilet paper, masks, foods, and more. As the year has progressed, RVs, furniture, and swimming pools are in short supply.

It all leads to a trend back toward local suppliers, even if it costs more. Think U.S. made, local convenience stores, local farmer’s markets, and local businesses. This could be a big boon for you if you can think of locally based side hustle ideas.

7. Technology

Modern technologies have been proliferating for years. But supporting a fully remote workforce pushed more investments in IT, cloud, and cybersecurity services. In fact, what’s yet to come in tech’s business transformation may be unprecedented compared to what we’ve already seen.

This could be terrifying if you’re not prepared, as it’s likely to affect your livelihood. Or it could be a wonderful opportunity to find the next new thing. We wrote about how to prepare for machines stealing your job here.

8. WFH (Work From Home)

side hustle ideas

Working from home is the way of the present, and likely the future. Plus, it has a lot of perks…

One of the most prominent coronavirus trends was the shift to working from home. This is creating a new norm for companies that suddenly realized they could function without everyone gathering in a physical office. Many of these companies may be more open to employees working remotely at least part of the time once this pandemic ends.

Couple that with a strong expectation that no one who’s even slightly sick will be welcomed into the office again, and you have a trend that’s likely to stick.

Fortunately, you can do many side hustles from home. And with video conferencing and virtual events becoming the norm, WFH may become the norm for even become more normal for those with traditional corporate jobs.

9. Video conferencing

With WFH, video conferencing has become a staple for meetings that keep colleagues connected. Don’t expect this to disappear once people do start going into the office again. Almost certainly, a certain amount of work from home will continue long after the pandemic.

10. Virtual events

Everything from sales calls to birthday parties became virtual events during the lockdowns. Hopefully in-person events will return. But expect virtual events to continue, now that the infrastructure and best practices to host such events have been built out even by small businesses.

Any of these could be exploited to create opportunities for yourself, whether as a side hustle, or for a side job that’ll help you pay off your debt and put yourself in a better financial situation.

New Opportunities and Ideas for Side Hustles in 202

Here are some ways to pivot and thrive in our new pandemic-oriented world. What can you exploit as a side hustle to help build your financial security? Or which presents new opportunities for a side job that could help you pay down debt? Can you think of others?

  • Convenience — Everyone loves convenience. And it’s taken on a whole new life since the pandemic. How many people do you know who started grocery delivery during the pandemic and haven’t stopped it? Quite a few, I suspect.
  • Virtual training – Take a lesson from the fitness entrepreneurs. Live stream private or group lessons or prerecorded webinars.
  • Curbside pickup – Can you take phone orders and package products for a touch-free pickup?
  • Deliveries – If you have the capacity, drop pre-purchased products at your customers’ doors.
  • Teleservices – Whether you’re a doctor, consultant or a life/business coach, can you transition your clients to phone, video conferencing, or other chat services?

How can you take advantage of these new trends? Stretch your brain and your ability to spot opportunities by creating a list of 10 items on any particular topic every day. The first five may come easily, but the next five often take more thought. For example, what are 10 ways you could use virtual training to start a side hustle in 2021? Or 10 side hustles ideas to let you profit from the curbside pickup trend? You get the idea.

Train your mind to think outside your norm and create new side hustles ideas and potential business models. It helps develop your brain muscle, which is highly valuable in good times and bad. Such thinking is one of the “rich habits” we discussed in our article, “18 Success Habits of Millionaires.”

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