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The Secret to Surviving and Thriving Financially through This Pandemic Is Simple…

The Problem Is Almost Nobody Is Doing It…


It’s never too late (or early) to start… or start over. Waiting can cost you millions. What are you waiting for?

✓ Recession-proof and grow your money in 5 minutes a day. 

✓ Gain financial freedom faster than you thought.

✓ Retire earlier with more.

✓ Turn lemons into lemonade, no matter your current situation.

✓ Claim the “secrets” of the wealthy to produce wealth.


“Carol has learned financial truths from the ‘school of hard knocks’. Her unique way of expressing fundamental financial principles are things we can all bank on. No glitz, no glamour. Simple ideas, but sometimes it takes courage to implement. Go out and be courageous today and change your world!” ~ Tom Lampert, Brighton, MI


Sounds great. YES! I want my Prosperity Blueprint.

No thanks. I’d rather stay broke.

Sounds great. YES! I want my Prosperity Blueprint.

No thanks. I’d rather stay broke.

You’ll get it in a few seconds, plus other valuable financial tips over the next several days.

Plus, you’ll get top unbiased financial ideas our team vets just for you… delivered to your inbox every Sunday. We’ll help you grow your money faster and reap a bountiful harvest with the tips and tricks in The Gold Thumb™.

Claim Your Shot at Total Financial Security and an Early Retirement…

No Matter What ‘The Economy’ Is Doing

Who this is for? Anyone wanting to get ahead financially…

No one is born with money smarts. But success leaves clues. You can use those clues to amass a fortune. And gain financial freedom more easily… whatever financial freedom means to you.

The Anxiety Can Be Deafening

I’ve personally made some of the stupidest financial mistakes ever… sticking my head in the sand while indiscriminately piling on credit card debt for several years.

One chilling day in 2008 I realized I had tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt… at the exact time of the financial meltdown, when we didn’t know from morning to evening whether my husband would be laid off or not.

The anxiety was deafening.

“It was the best wake-up call ever!”

Turned out it was the best wake-up call ever, jolting me onto smarter financial path.

Sometimes money can be confusing. We aren’t taught how to make smart money choices, maximize our career, or start a side hustle in school or at home.

If your parents were highly successful, chances are they were too busy earning a great living to pass on HOW to make smart money choices.

Money Myths Chase Money Away from You!

More likely, you were blindly taught financial untruths during childhood.

And those untruths are chasing money away from you today.

If you were ever confused about choices or unsure who to trust, you’re not alone. Most financial product reps don’t tell you they’ll get a $500 commission if you choose Option A but a $3,000 commission if you follow their “best” advice.

It’s time for unbiased honest advice about building your wealth. You deserve the pros and cons of a certain course of action based on your situation – not someone else’s commission.

Grow Your Money, Reap a Harvest

Grow your money easily and reap a rich harvest with the tips and tricks we’ll supply you every Sunday in The Gold Thumb™.

Find out the secrets of the wealthy 1% that they hope you won’t discover (and are sure you’d never understand). What if you could tap into the “secret playbook of the rich”? Eavesdrop into their world.

Request your personal “Pandemic Prosperity Blueprint” right now and we’ll also send our best financial advice of the week, vetted especially for you, every Sunday in The Gold Thumb™.

Delaying could cost you millions. Time is money. Accelerate your financial growth every Sunday with The Gold Thumb™.

YES! Give me my pandemic money guide now!

No, I prefer to work till I’m 90

YES! Give me my pandemic money guide now!

No, I prefer to work till I’m 90

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